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Marbling – Assessment


This was an interesting Assessment. We had to do Marbling. The process of Marbling is quite similar to hydro dipping. Grab some water in a tray, drip some Gloss Paint and dip your paper in for a second or two. Your print is ready. I had around 12 Marbling prints but unfortunately, some of my photos got deleted and all marbling pictures were deleted as well. I am working on retrieving them somehow...

Photography – Assessment


In this assessment, we were given the task to take 14 pictures. Not random ordinary pictures, but 7 symmetrical and 7 asymmetrical.
Unfortunately, some of my photos got deleted and all 14 Pictures were deleted as well. I am working on retrieving them somehow. Will update this post if I manage to get my hands on the work.

Expansion of the Black Square – Assessment


In this assessment, we were tasked to expand the previous black square designs and fill them with paint. I expanded my squares by scanning them and expanding them in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I printed them out on an A3 sheet. I cut out the fill area and painted a nice gradient from Blue to Green. I then pasted the cut out A3 page onto the painted sheet of paper.  ...

Final Major – Monograms


This was our Final Project. The finish line. The end of the race. We had to design monograms based on our Initials and have one final monogram on 5 different objects that have meaning to them or objects that relate to us. – The Logo I Selected – In my opinion, my initials F and R were the most clear in this design. It’s also minimalistic and flat which follows the latest design...

Assignment 3 – Book of Prints


This Assignment opened up a lot of doors for Art in my eyes. We were asked to explore different mediums of tools to make prints. Then we had to assemble all of them into a book. For the cover of the book, I burnt the edges of the paper to show how angry and frustrated I can get at times.
Here’s the process.

Assignment 2 – Patterns


In this Assignment, we had to made artwork filled with lined patterns. My inspiration for Artwork 1 were my interests. I drew everything that attracts me as a pattern inside of the letter K taken from the first letter of King. For artwork 2, my most prominent feature is my beard so I painted a beard with the pattern of beard trimmers. The Final Artwork was based on Earth. I’ve written Earth...

Assignment 4 – ROBOX


This was it- the end of the road. The final Assignment. Assignment #4. This assignment’s briefing was shocking. At first, I didn’t think I could do it. We were given the task to act to random sounds merged into a 2 minute audio clip as a play. First off, we all substituted the sounds we heard and wrote down our interpretations of them in the format of a timeline. We then gathered and...

Assignment 3 – The Hunt


As soon as our lecturer informed us about our 3rd assignment, I was tearing up in excitement and joy. Assignment 3 was all about making a video about yourself or something which has you interested in. I’m a tech savvy person and working on CGI effects for videos is one of my main interests. I rushed to my lecturer and gained permission to use VFX and CGI in my video. Even though the end...

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